Event And Activity Ideas

Get inspired for UWC Day 2021: Reimagine Tomorrow!

You can find some ideas for UWC Day events and activities below! Have a great idea you want to share? Reach out to us at engagement@uwcio.uwc.org and we’ll add it to the list.

Moonshot Challenge

With a group of friends, identify a problem in your local community, Re-imagine Tomorrow by coming up with a solution that could change the status quo in the future! Create a poster/video showing this problem and how you plan to solve it. The word impossible does not exist, think as big as you would like!


Let your creative juices flow and share a picture/video on your social media portraying what ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ means to you! Challenge your friends to participate & remember to use the hashtags #UWCDay2021 and #ReimagineTomorrow!

Brainstorm the future of your UWC national committee or short course!

Organise a brainstorm event on reimagining the future of your National Committee or Short Course! How can you push forward UWC’s mission of making education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future?

Essay or Poetry Competition

Organise an essay or poetry competition at your school or college based on this year’s theme ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’.

Open-Mic Event

Participate in an open-mic event and share what this year’s theme ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ means to you through various artistic mediums! In 2020, Latin American UWC national committees held a collaborative virtual open mic event together, inviting participants to share music, dance, poetry, and photography that portrayed how UWC has impacted their lives!

Panel Discussion or Talk

Organise a panel discussion or Talk under the theme ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’. Pick an issue you are passionate about - from social justice issues to the climate crisis - and organise a panel discussion on reimagining change, mobilising more people to participate and coming up with impactful solutions for your chosen issue. You may even consider hosting a UWC Unlocked Talk for this purpose so that UWC International can help you attract an even bigger audience.

Sustainable Fundraising Efforts

Develop ideas for sustainable fundraising efforts: how can you continue to sustainably raise donations for your favourite cause in the future? Check out the UWC Refugee Initiative or the UWCx initiatives as potential fundraiser options, or you may want to raise money for your UWC school’s or national committee’s COVID-19 or scholarship fund.

Film Screening

Organise a film screening online in keeping with your interpretation of the UWC Day theme “Reimagine Tomorrow” - or launch a creative video competition asking your communities to create a video encapsulating the ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ theme. UWC Timor-Leste National Committee organised a similar event in 2020.

South African Gumboot Dance

Organise and perform the South African gumboot dance - either with your UWC school or college community or become part of a global virtual gumboot dance. There is already one being organised by a member of the UWC Philippines National Committee via the UWC Hub under the UWC Gumboot group - get in touch there to get involved with this event.

UWC Hackathon

Organise a UWC Hackathon, in which our community can Reimagine Tomorrow in the context of local, regional, and international issues that you feel most passionate about! A hackathon is a competition that aims to use tech to solve real-world issues. Small teams with diverse skills develop a product during the hours of the event which is then judged by its quality and effectiveness in solving the defined issue. You can find some ideas on how to get started here.

Letter-Writing or Petition-Signing

Organise a letter-writing or petition-signing event. Put pen to paper to write letters and come together to inspire change! It’s low-budget, easy to organise, and can be attached to other events. Furthermore, you can do this while catching up online or in-person with some old UWC friends!

UWC Alumni Meet Up

Organise a UWC alumni meet up at your University or city to connect with fellow UWCers in real life - you can spread the word about your event to other UWCers via the UWC Hub.

Outdoor Activity or Ecosystem Clean-Up

Get a group together to do an outdoor activity (if possible given the current circumstances). Organise a bike ride, a walk in the park or a clean-up of a local ecosystem! In 2020, the UWC Taiwan National Committee organised a clean-up of Taiwan’s beautiful coastline in three different locations in order to raise awareness about environmental conservation and responsibility in Taiwan.

UWC-style “Dragon’s Den”

Put together an online, UWC-style “Dragon’s Den”! In 2018, UWC alums in Ottawa, Canada turned the famous “Dragon’s Den” format into an opportunity to collaborate on social causes and projects - alumni got to pitch their cause to a group of experienced mentors to seek their advice on a challenge they or their group is facing. This does not only allow for a structured knowledge-exchange between the alumni, but also allows the audience to learn about the great things alumni are up to and maybe join in on their efforts.

However you choose to celebrate UWC Day 2021, remember to:

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